Happy Valentine's Day from us!

I couldn't resist the urge to exploit my adorable children just a little! I knew that I wanted to make their valentines this year and that sent me into a tail-spin. Now I needed updated pictures, and they will need new outfits for their pictures, and the girls needed bows to match.... I needed something cute for the backdrop... And their outfits had to all tie together somehow... OH MY!!! This was a week of crafting and creating, dolling up and ironing down - literally! I have never been one to turn down a craft anyway so seeing it all tie together for their spring pictures made it all
(And at the end of the day, doesn't it feel good to know that you did it all yourself!)

Like I said, I did do everything myself, but that doesn't mean I didn't do my "inspiration-homework!"

1) Banner - My friend Hillary had the most ADORABLE Valentine's Day banner hung in her home and she was sweet enough to show me how it's done! I am BEGGING her to open an etsy shop because her work is TOO CUTE! I will keep you posted!

2) Shirts - It's amazing what you can do with a little fabric and glue! That's right - NO SEWING! I just hit up beverly's for some adorable fabrics, cut out the shapes I wanted and fabric glued them down!

3) Headbands - I used the fabric scraps from the shirts (and a few others I had laying around) to make rosette flowers then hot glued them to heabands. My bloggy pals at Little Birdie Secrets did a great tutorial HERE!

4) Hailey's Petty Skirt - ok, so I didn't make this myself but I can't resist sharing how I got it for $0.48 !!! I have been checking them out online for a while now but it just wasn't how I wanted to spend $70+ dollars so imagine how excited I was to find them at Doodlebugs Children's Boutique down the street for $19.99. I was sold right then and there but then the girl at the store told me they also do consignment and offer cash or store credit for gently used clothes. Perfect timing because I just cleaned out my kids' closets! I brought the clothes back and my credit came to $24.00 and some change. I got Hailey's skirt and a brand new pair of sandals (tags still attached) and only owed $0.48 cents difference! I think Doodlebugs is my new favorite place!


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  1. I LOVE Doodlebugs! I get a lot of the kids' stuff there! Great prices and great sales... The other day most of their stuff was half off! The kids are adorable... head to toe. Mya is looking gorgeous! And so grown up!