Spring & Easter Decor

One of the things that I love the most about my living room is all of the windows and natural light that comes in, yet it leaves little space for decor. I love decorating for seasons and holidays and I really wanted my living room - where we spend most of our time - to be a bright cheerful place. I've been doing lots of DIY projects for spring and they look so cute on my fireplace!

I enlarged my Free Printable to a 16 x 20 (Only $5 bucks at Sam's Club or Costco - but be sure to select "turn off auto enhance" when ordering or you will get a yucky brownish tint to your prints) Then I added some of my most recent "Spring-y" projects up there to add more color! I brought the rosette flower balls down from the girls room and set them on my newly painted candle sconces - they used to be black. And speaking of spray painting, I also found that adorable yellow tile at a garage sale for 25 cents but it was a brownish black color. Oh, how I love my spray paint! I also saw an adorable Egg ornament tree at Anthropology for WAY too much money so I decided to make one of my own. Just took a few dried Oak Tree branches, gave them a thin layer of white spray paint and stuck them into a bucket. Sophisticated, I know.

The two things that took me the most time were the Spring Banner & the Paper Cones but they were so worth it because they bring in so much color! My kids especially love the cones because I fill them with little notes, small gifts or treats. Stay tuned for more pictures and tutorials on both these items!


  1. Everything is soo beautiful and even prettier in person! Your house is gorgeous. Seriously. You have a talent.

  2. Just love the site! I posted your photo "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" with the bunny on my site, for my Easter dyed Deviled eggs post. I've been sending family links to your Etsy shop, so many perfect things for our big gatherings!

    Keep it coming, I am a fan of e work!

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