Tutorial :: Easter Gift Cones

As much as I love these adorable paper Easter cones, I think my kids love them even more! They look forward to getting early Easter surprises in them - sometimes candy, sometimes a small toy and sometimes a nice little note from the Bunny-Man himself!

What you need:
12 x 12 scrapbook cardstock paper (double sided is best!)
Another piece of patterned paper that will go well with your cone paper
Chip board letters, mod podge & glitter OR Sparkley cardstock paper
hot glue
ribbon for hanging

Start by twisting/folding over your paper into a tube shape then tighten the pull on the bottom part until it makes a cone shape with a small opening at the bottom. Do your best to line the cross over in the front with the peak in the back. This is tricky but keep at it, it can be done :)
When you get your desired shape, tape or hot glue your paper into place.
Now for the initials:

Step 1: I used my 3 inch scalloped punch to punch out a backing for my letters on the corresponding patterned paper.
Step 2: Instead of paying $2.00 each for chip board + mod podge + glitter, I saved some $$$ by getting one sheet of pre-glittered cardstock, printed templates out of a cute font (I used "Saddlebag") and cut them out myself. - Hot glue to background paper.
Step 3: Next I took a long string of streamer and ran a thin line of hot glue down one side and gathered pieces together as I pressed them to the back of the background paper. Gather & press, gather & press... till you make your way all the way around. Hot glue it to the front of your cone.
Now just add the ruffle to the bottom!
Step 5 & 6: Repeat step 3 by gluing and gathering your streamer into a little bunch.
Step 7: Cut a few small lines into the bunch and fluff it out.
Step 8: Add some hot glue to the top of the ruffle and stick it into the opening at the bottom of the cone.

Then I just added a loop of ribbon to the back to hang them from. And a fun little side note, since they weigh practically nothing I just opted to hot glue my hooks to the fireplace mantle rather than drilling holes. When it's time to take them down the hot glue peels right off!
These are probably one of my favorite holiday decorations! I remember as a kid always checking my Christmas stalking on the days leading to Christmas just to see if Santa may have had time for a quick little stop. I still totally remember those feelings and it is so much fun being a mom now and getting to watch my kids experience those same exciting feelings not only at Christmas but Easter time too!
Happy Easter to all!
 May the Easter Bunny always have a spare minute to visit your house early too!

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