Tutorial::DIY "Little Man" Shirt & Tie

When I made these little shirts for my kids' Valenitne pictures I had so many people tell me how stinkin' cute they were! Well, I'd have to agree and they were soooo easy! My only regret was that I used temporary fabric glue. I had never made them before and I wasn't sure I wanted to fully commit their 3 brand new white shirts to my "trial-and-error-make-it-up-as-i-go" crafty project. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you all the limitless possibilities there are for this cute idea: hearts, flowers, animal shapes, initial(s)... Oh-so many possibilities and at about $2.00 per shirt you can make a closet-full! 

 Now that I know I love them, I decided they would be PERFECT for Jake's
"Little Man" themed birthday party coming up next month. I had a hay-day at Beverly's digging thru all the pre-cut fat quarters. Looks like we're going with blues and greens - Thanks Bev'!
White shirts - If you're making several, do yourself a favor and get a 5 pack for 6 bucks instead of buying individuals for $7.00 each yikes!
Cute fabric
Fabric glue
 Step 1) Cut a template out of paper and trace onto the BACK of your cute fabric & cut it out
 Step 2) Apply fabric glue and apply to shirt (I wanted mine super even so after I applied the glue I ran over it with a paint brush to get it on all the edges) Lay them flat over night to dry.

 These are going to make the CUTEST party favors for my "Little Man's" second birthday! Stay tuned for more party details!


  1. Made a few of these when Elijah was 1st born! I also made some for his little friends- it was almost like they were going to a business meeting instead of a playdate lol. Great post

  2. So cute! Can't wait to make some. I can't believe he's going to be TWO!!