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Meet Rosie from Sweetapolita. She is one of the most talented and creative women out there when it comes to creating gorgeous and delicious cakes! I just stumbled across her blog last week and I have to admit, I had mixed emotions! You know the saying, "A day late and a dollar short." Well, it was actually more like a week late. Before Hailey's Vintage Cowgirl party I scoured the internet looking for tutorials on frosting ruffle cakes with no luck, so traditional frosting it was. Don't get me wrong, it was cute and yummy but I was really going for a WOW factor with the cake. A week later, while blog hopping, there it was! A perfect pink ruffle cake! I clicked on the link and discovered the goodness that is Sweetapolita! Not only were there amazing pictures of my beloved ruffle cake but it came with a complete recipe and a video tutorial! I felt like I had hit a gold mine!

I absolutely LOVE this cake! And the delicately frosted cookies to match. Genius! For this cake she used Rich & Dark Chocolate cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting. Sounds tricky huh? Rosie posts FULL detailed recipes with step by step directions. She has even created printable versions of all her recipes!

So alas, by disappointment over not finding her sooner is replaced by a new found excitement for creating an edible masterpiece of my own! Like this Classic Vanilla Butter cake...

Or this Sugar Posy Cake

Check out more of Rosie's confections and grab the recipes at  Sweetapolita!

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