Tutorial : : DIY Chevron Wall Art

When we moved into our new house a few months ago there was this perfect piece of wood left in the garage. Since then I have been thinking of all the different ways to use it. Board up the doggy door? No, it's too nice of a piece for that. I almost cut big holes in it and used it for a bean-bag toss game for my kids but I backed out of that too. I finally decided that it was the perfect size and shape for this bare wall in my office. My office is where I spend most of my "creative" time and I want it to be a place of inspiration. Bare walls just won't due! I wanted an inspiration piece to look at from my desk!

I started by applying several even coats of white semi-gloss spray paint.

Once it dried I made a template out of construction paper for the pattern.

This is actually the "what-not-to-do" portion of the tutorial. With a pencil I traced the pattern completely from one end to the other. I recommend not doing that! I had to be very tedious with my taping job to make sure that I exposed the lines to be painted over and I missed a few spots. Instead, try making a "dot-to-dot" from the high point of the zig-zag to the low then line your tape from one dot to the other. It will save you a lot of clean-up later!
 Once your template is applied to the board you will need the following items:
Painting tape
Paint brush
And paint color of your choice. The project is small enough that I just bought two paint samples and had plenty left over. I originally went with Better Homes and Gardens BHG103 Aqua Inlet (very light blue) then I COMPLETELY changed my mind and went with Glidden's Mustard Seed. (So glad I did!)
 This is what your taped design should look like. Tape the top and bottom of each zig-zap that you want to stay white, and really I should have taped the middle too because I still made some oopsies.
 Start painting away. Apply a first coat and let it dry completely then apply another.
 Once dry peel the tape directly back over the path it was applied if that makes sense. Don't pull the tape away from the pattern or it may take some paint with it.
 Apply a few hooks on the back and display your lovely piece of art work!
 I am so glad I changed my mind and went with yellow! I love yellow and it really makes a statement in my "inspiration" room. It's one of the first things you see from the front door and it feels welcoming!
 I'm also excited because as I was driving down the street the other day I saw some "weeds" on the side of the road that were this beautiful bright yellow. I'm sure people on the road thought I was crazy but I pulled over and picked a few and now have them in my office. They are a lovely to accent the chevron painting.

Aaahh, now my office feels complete. Except for maybe a topper on that window. What do you think? Topper r no topper? I kind of like all the exposed light... Hmm, decisions, decisions...

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  1. That turned out cute! And I love the wild flower touch!

  2. Shana, Nice to meet you! Thanks for your lovely comment! That art turned out fantastic! Your blog is so cute and inspiring, though I will never aspire to be-all-things-Belva June...what an awesome lady (grandma) to look up to. Someday I may try the art work - we moved last summer and it still feels like yesterday with the slow progress we're making. I have to redecorate e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g: stripping wallpaper, painting all the brown trim, baseboards and doors white - and the list goes on... Following you back - keep in touch! Oh, do you have pics of your kids' rooms? (I'm assuming you have assumely decorated their rooms!)You can email them to me and I'll write it up and add them to my galleries.

  3. This is a great tutorial! I found your blog though the giveaway at The Junk House and I'm scrolling around falling in love with it. You have so many creative bones in your body!

    I mean, who pulls over to pick weeds and makes them look that good? :)
    I have a little linky party going on till Tuesday if you're interested in linking up.

  4. Woo-hoo! Just did my own black and white piece tonight. Thanks for the great tutorial!