Sneak Peek : : Jake's big boy room

Well, it was getting to be about that time. Time to switch my little man from a nursery to a big boy room. I figured since he was climbing out of his crib and helping himself to anything and everything in the house while the rest of us were asleep it was about time! Yes, I have woken up to find bright blue toilet bowl cleaner on the carpet and his bathroom flooded all the way out the hall and the sink still running after midnight lately. So, along with graduating to a big boy bed, he is also graduating to getting a lock on his door from the outside at bedtime. The boy needs to be protected from himself and that is the best way I can think of for now. It's actually been really fun creating a little space that reflects his personality and complements his interests. I knew since pregnancy that if I wanted something cute I would have to make it myself because all I can find anywhere... even the nice top of the line stores is sports themed bedding and accessories. I just wanted something more generic and long lasting. I love, love, love Jake's baby blanket that I made from Alexander Henry's 2D - Blue and he loves it too. I wanted that to be able to grow with the room. My first project was to give Jake a bigger blankie. He loves his baby blankie but his little toes peep out now that he is a big boy. Drawing from the colors from his baby blanket I chose fun fabrics to make a quilt from... or shall I say my mom to make a quilt from. :) Right around that same time I had a client come to me asking for a navy blue and green "Whale" themed collection for her son's birthday. Not to toot my own horn, but I loved it so much that I had to print one for myself and put it up in Jake's room... Then I got a little obsessive and made a matching pillow since I had used the same pattern in his quilt. 

So here's a little sneak peek of Jake's big boy room so far. We still have MUCH to do to complete his little space but it is certainly a step in the right direction. I will post pictures and I continue to make progress and keep your eye out for the "WHALE of a time" DIY printable collection coming to the shop very soon! 

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