I can tell you one person that was Super excited about the newest collection in the shop - This cute little Construction Worker below! My son Jake just celebrated his 3rd birthday with the new Construction Collection, now available in my shop! It was a black and yellow explosion of fun!

Guests could easily identify the party house, as the entire front of the home was wrapped in caution tape, printed 16 x 16 inch enlarged signs that said "Jake's Construction Company" on them stood in the driveway with black and yellow 3 foot balloons to each sign! You couldn't miss it! A 16 x 20 enlarged sign that said "Welcome to Jake's Construction Crew" was applied to the front door letting guest know to come in!

The dessert table was staged with toy tractors and dump trucks holding the treats! Each place setting at the lunch table contained a construction hat, a traffic cone shaped water bottle, a gift basket and coordinating plates and napkins.

My husband and I had fun coming up with the "construction" food menu. We decided on the following: :

Nuts & Bolts - Chex Mix
Wracking Balls - Cheese Balls (we also placed the same tag in a jar of gumballs)
Construction Cones - Candy Corn
Spare Tires - Chocolate mini donuts
Nails & Screws - Pretzels
Mudslide Cupcakes - Chocolate Cupcakes
I also added fun signage such as "Yield for Cupcakes" "Build your own" "Dig In!" and "Merge over for a snack"

The Cake was designed to resemble a muddy construction site with mini toy tractors and dump trucks and traffic cone shaped birthday candles - How perfect is that!?

I was so excited to find the black gift baskets in the dollar section at Target. They fit perfectly! Each gift basket contained the following : : Hershey Bar, bag of Reese's pieces, a mini toy tractor, a container of bubbles and a black swirly lolly pop.

Check out my shop for more details on the paper goods and for pricing!

Vendor Credits -
Cake, Cupcakes & Tablescapes - Shana at Belva June
Dump Truck Sugar Cookies - The Bee's Knees (no site currently available)
All Printables & Paper Goods - Belva June
Caution Tape - Kmart
Traffic Cone Water Bottles, Traffic Cone Candles & Yellow Construction Hats - Celebrate Express
3 Foot Diameter Balloons - MSR Wholesale Balloons

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