Happy Customer : : Construction Printables

If there's anything that makes my heart go pitter-patter, it's getting appreciation photos from happy customers. I love seeing how each person puts their own unique touch and creativity into the designs to make them their own.
These photos came from Natalie from Austrailia. She used the construction printables for her son Braxton's 2nd birthday party. She did such a great job and didn't spare any details. You would never guess that she put a rush on the order and completed the entire thing in about 2 weeks! My favorite details are hands-down the adorable tractor cake and the tool-shaped cookies that she made herself! Did I mention that she has 3 small children!?! How does she find the time... And keep little fingers out? {I have youngsters too and one time I had to hide a birthday cake in my closet just to keep it safe!} Everything tied together absolutely perfectly from the black & yellow cups & table settings, to the caution tape framing the table to the creatively labeled buffet items! Very well done Natalie! Just one question, do you ship cakes to California?



  1. I found your post on Digg just now and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to read out some more tomorrow.
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  2. I can't quite see in some of the pictures what you used for food and the "construction" item. Would you mind letting me know. I'm going to do this for a baby boy shower and this is just too cute! Thanks melanie.sorensen@gmail.com