New in the Shop - Baseball Party!

This new collection in my shop is a real HIT! I had a BALL coming up with a theme for this special little boy's birthday party! Little Hunter loves balls so a baseball theme was an obvious and classic choice! Because it is his first birthday I couldn't resist a fun little play on words. We decided to go with a "Home-ONE" party. We had fun celebrating America's favorite past time in all of the decor and menu items. We served popcorn, cracker jacks, peanuts, hot dogs, sunflower seeds and bottled cokes and decorated in a natural outdoor setting with lots of red white and blue. Our American flag stood as the perfect backdrop for the outdoor buffet table! See below for more details and vendor credits. Visit my Etsy shop for more info on the Baseball Party Printable designs!

Details and vendor credits : :

I hit up Sport's Authority and got everyone in the family a different colored baseball tee. On Hunter's shirt I designed iron ons for the front and back. "Little Slugger" on the front and "McGavock" and "01" below on the back.

We decorated with red white and blue paper lanters and tissue pompoms indoors and outdoors. I also discovered a quirky little trick for blowing up 150 balloons in under 10 minutes. I switched my garage vacuum hose to the exhaust air so that it blows instead of sucks and I stretched the balloons over the hose to blow up.

Hunter's grandma and grandpa were visiting from out of state and Grandpa was eager to help! Her made a perfect concession stand worker!

Hunter's baseball hat was from the 2013 season at Gymboree. I received it as a gift from my baby shower and I fell in love with it! When he grew out of it I ordered another larger size off of Amazon so that he would have one that fit at his party.

I used old dirty baseballs for decor and I also bought a new bucket of balls for use on the cake and in decorative dishes. We saved one special ball for out visitors to "autograph" on their way into the party.

DIY Printables - Belva June on Etsy - Items used in this party - invite, 2 inch cupcake toppers, cupcake flags, 3 inch candy dish circles, 5 inch party circles, hershey bar wraps, water bottle wraps, straw flags, 5x7 signs, 8x10 sign, custom enlargements, "Little Slugger" banner, highchair banner, gift tags, food tent cards, party hat and iron on transfer design.

Paper Straws, Wooden candy scoops, Cardboard snack trays, Peanut Bags & Popcorn Bags - Pink Lemonade Party Supply Shop 

Wood Vinyl Backdrop - Swanky Prints

Baked Goods (cake, cupcakes, cookies), paper pom poms and concession vendor hat made by Shana from Belva June (not for sale)

Photography - Shana from Belva June

Large white picture frames (16 x 20 matted) - Ikea

Candy Jars - Walmart & Target

Giant letter "H" - Joann's

How I did it -

Ruffles behind the cupcake toppers, candy dish circles, 5 inch circles and highchair banner - I simple hot glued party streamer in a ruffled pattern to the backs of the circles.

Tissue Pop Poms - Here's a tutorial -

Ombre cake - Layer your cakes into as many layers and sizes as you want. Mix 4 shades of frosting from white, light, medium and dark in whatever color you want in separate bowls. Start at the top with your lightest color of frosting, piping with a wide round tip. Do the top and down the sides an inch or two, without rinsing out your piping bag add the next color (a shade darker) and continue piping another 1/4 of the way down your cake. Repeat with the other two shades. You don't need to rinse out your bag because as the lighter color fades and the dark color comes out it will naturally transition the colors. You want your transitions to be as gradual as possible. If you are an excellent piper and like clean lines then you can be done her... For the rest of us that don't have as steady of a hand grab a spatula, spoon, butter knife or any object with a flat smooth tip and begin at the top and wipe around the cake making "intentional" smears in your frosting. The messier the better! It is important to work from the top down because it's ok to get a little lighter frosting in the darker areas but once a dark color is in your light frosting you aren't getting it out! Good Luck!

Baseball Cookies - I used this sugar cookie recipe - - for the fluffiest, softest and most delicious cookies ever! I then added a dab of cream cheese frosting (see recipe below) and applied the fondant baseballs to the top. I made my own marshmallow fondant (see recipe below) and used a round cookie cutter (a cup would work too!) and cut out circles. I then used the round cookie cutter to make delicate impressions on the sides to use as a guide for piping my red laces. I used store bought red icing from Joann's to pipe the laces. After some trial and error I decided that the thinner and cleaner the lines the better looking they turned out.

The most amazing cream cheese frosting (great for cakes, cupcakes cookies, you name it!- 1 8oz package of cream cheese, 1 stick butter and 4 cups of powdered sugar. So simple and so delicious!

Marshmallow fondant - 1 bag of mini marshmallows, 2T water, microwave for a minute, stir till smooth, pour in 1/2 a bag of powdered sugar and stir till very thick. Transfer to a well greased (crisco) kitchenaid bowl and mix with the dough hook until the fondant is thick enough to look like bread dough and doesn't stick to the bowl. *If you're a newbie, this takes a little trial and error  :(  Then roll out and use as desired.


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